How does the Income Tax loan statement work?

The Income Tax is a federal government tax applied to the income of each citizen. Within a period of one year, the IRS evaluates all its profits and expenses and charges the tax due on top of these amounts.

In addition to all this, the declaration has a fixed deadline to be made. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be aware of the dates and not get involved with the Lion of the Recipe.

Loans made with amounts above R $ 5,000 must be declared. So, did you learn how it works? Are you ready to face the lion?

Income Tax Loan: Now What?

Income Tax Loan: Now What?

It is worth noting that loans made below R $ 5,000 will not need to be declared.

Loans made between Individuals, types of personal and payroll loans, as well as overdraft, over R $ 5,000, must be declared in the Income Tax.

Step by step to declare loan on IR

To declare your loan in the Income Tax, some important steps are needed. The IRS provides a platform for Computers and Smartphones, where it is possible to make the declaration.

During the process, the loan must be declared in the section “Debts and Real Charges”. Then, you will have to detail the loan made. The balance will be requested, the amounts that have already been paid, among other information that will be required by the program.

What documents are needed when declaring?


Among the documents required for the declaration of the loan in the Income Tax, are the CPF or CNPJ of the creditor and / or beneficiary, as well as the name of the company or Individual that granted the loan.

In addition, other information and procedures will be required for you at the time of your declaration. It is important to be aware of all of them, as they are fundamental in the process of declaring your Income Tax.

I want to facilitate!


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